Hey, I'm Scott Hurff.

I'm a product maker, designer, and writer.

As co-founder of Churnkey, I help SaaS founders build healthier businesses by automatically improving retention.

O'Reilly published my book, Designing Products People Love, which highlights how product designers work at places like Twitter, Product Hunt, Facebook, and more.

Previously, I was founding designer of and Head of Design at Casa. There, I helped create a new product category of personal cryptocurrency security. Before that, I was on the founding team of Tappy, which was Tinder's first acquisition. At Tinder, I created and designed Super Like, among other revenue-facing and messaging products.

I'm working on science fiction stories. In 2019, I graduated from the Taos Toolbox workshop and I'm a member of the Sudowriters writing group.

I've written a lot about product design and creativity.

Let's keep in touch 👇🏻🤘🏻

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