Welcome to the Quartz Composer & Facebook Origami Crash Course

An Introduction from the Authors

For good reason, Quartz Composer and Facebook Origami have been garnering a lot of attention lately. Together, they made possible some of the most innovative user interfaces since the dawn of the App Store, including Facebook Paper.

That's because the world's changing for product designers. More of us, every day, are designing products that will be interacted with through taps, swipes, presses — not clicks.


“It's like you can play and hear at the same time. You can create a feedback loop where you're able to improvise and come up with ideas on the spot. When you come up with a new behavior, you're able to see in real time how that works.”
Mike Matas, User Interface Designer at Facebook


By taking this course, you're jumping headfirst into a new world. You'll be leaving the old one of static mockups and two-dimensional thinking. And after five days, you'll be able to integrate interactive prototyping into your workflow — for any type of project you need to tackle.

We made this course with the busy person in mind, as well as ourselves. When we realized we needed to learn Quartz Composer, we couldn't find anything that was both professional-grade and a complete package.

Hopefully, you find this course to be just that. We're honored and humbled that you chose us.


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