Learn Quartz Composer & Origami through Video

You'll start building interactive prototypes after only one lesson


“Before we started using [Quartz Composer &] Origami, we designed using Photoshop — static mockups, arranged next to each other. We’d present them to management and each other in that format. I think our products reflected that.”
Brandon Walkin, Facebook Product Designer

Why Prototype? Why Quartz Composer?

When you create prototypes that can be used, manipulated and tested, you have a massive advantage over other designers who can't. Your prototypes will reflect how your customers really use your products, and that alone will improve their quality.

Not only that, but you'll be producing more creative designs. You won't have to split your energies between coding and creativity. Quartz Composer is powerful because you can see changes on the fly without having to recompile code, reload a browser window or — worse yet — wait for it to be implemented by an engineer.


A Video Course for Designers, by Designers

Like us, you're busy and you don't have time to spend a month learning new tools. So we built a course where you can master the basics of Quartz Composer & Facebook Origami in five days (with time to spare for weekend relaxation!).

In less than an hour, you'll be creating prototypes that can be manipulated with taps and presses. And at the end of the Crash Course, you'll be able to make interactive prototyping an essential part of your design process.


A Video Crash Course to Learn Quartz Composer

This is everything we wish we had when we started learning Quartz Composer & Origami.

Through both video and optional written lessons, we'll help you every step of the way. You'll learn effective workflow from UI to interaction concept, how to use common mobile UI patches, how to build custom macro patches, how to use Origami, advanced concepts including expressions, and more.


39 Videos

You'll be getting almost 40 videos that walk you through each lesson in its entirety — or, just the segments on which you need extra help. That's almost two hours of video.


12 Compositions

Our Quartz Composer compositions will get you started with all of the assets exported and pre-arranged, show you the answer when you need help, and push you harder with our Extra Credit options.


Apply to Any Project

The concepts you learn here can be used for whatever product you want to build. These are real-world scenarios found around a UI we've designed for you, emphasizing the workflow and concepts.

Learn the basics of Quartz Composer & Origami for only $74. You'll more than make up for this after less than two hours of prototyping work for a client or for your product.

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Why Should You Believe Us?

This course has already helped thousands of designers at companies like Apple, BitTorrent, IDEO, Google, Mozilla, Salesforce, Soundcloud, Uber and Vine learn Quartz Composer in less than a week.

Here’s what only a few customers had to say about our course:

“Chris and Scott's course was exactly what I needed to get started with Quartz Composer & Origami. It was simple enough for beginners, yet even after the first lesson I felt ready to start making my own prototypes. Now that I feel comfortable with Quartz Composer, I realize how much I've been missing out on as a designer while prototyping my work. I would recommend this course to any designer who is looking for a pivotal tool in the design process.”


Course Details

This probably looks impossible to understand. But, after the course, you'll be able to understand and create compositions just like this — in fact, this is from one of the lessons included in the course.


Not yet sure?

Take the first day's lesson for free, right now ($15 value), with all of its videos and Quartz Composer composition files. You'll be able to build your first interactive prototype by the end of the lesson.


About Chris Slowik

I’ve been involved in the creation of mobile and web apps for years, initially with mainly UI design. It was a natural next step to combine that experience with an interest in animation and get involved in more advanced interaction design. I currently create interaction concepts for all the cool stuff we’re designing at CreativeDash, working with some really neat startups. I’m always looking for new ways to prototype and export interactions.


About Scott Hurff

I'm on the founding team and head of product for a yet-to-be-released mobile app backed by Kleiner Perkins. I've been designing and building products on the Web for over 15 years, consulting with dozens of startups. The products I designed and helped build have been used by over 20 million people and a number of organizations, including VICE, Dick Clark Productions, Greyson Chance, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Puma, INDMUSIC, TMZ and Disney. I've built social networks, SaaS products, e-commerce storefronts and software, marketplaces, email apps and more.