Designing Products People Love by Scott Hurff

Designing Products People Love

The Interviews

After conducting over two dozen interviews for Designing Products People Love, I inadvertently stumbled upon gold. That's why I present the 11 interviews published in the first edition — truncated for brevity for the book's print run — in their entirety to you now.And if you want to experience all 26 of the interviews I conducted for the book, you can do that, too.

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Amy Hoy & Alex Hillman

Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman are the co-creators of the 30x500 Academy, a course that teaches students how to sell products that people want to buy. At the core of the course is a technique Hoy invented called "Sales Safari," a process rooted in ethnographic observation. 30x500 students are now collectively earning over $3 million per year in product sales. Hoy is also an author and the co-founder and lead designer of Freckle, a popular time-tracking business. Hillman is also the co-founder of Indy Hall, one of the first coworking communities in the country.

Benedikt Lehnert

Benedikt Lehnert is the Chief Design Officer for Wunderlist at Microsoft. He can be found at

Cat Noone

Cat Noone is an experienced product designer and entrepreneur. She’s currently building Iris, an app that notifies loved ones if you’re in an emergency. Cat previously built Liberio, a platform for eBook creation and publishing. She can be found at

Diogenes Brito

Diogenes Brito is a product designer and a developer who's worked at Slack, LinkedIn, and Squarespace. He can be found at and on Twitter at

Jonathan Badeen

Jonathan Badeen is the co-founder and senior vice president of product at Tinder. The actor-turned-developer-designer helped invent Tinder, its concept of a card stack, and the swipe right. He can be found at

Jon Troutman

Jon Troutman is the Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer at Canary, a hardware and software home security monitoring startup. It launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, becoming the most successfully-funded project in Indiegogo history and raising almost $2 million. Jon is also the Cofounder of Designer’s Debate Club and a former Product Designer at co-working company General Assembly. He can be found at

Josh Brewer

Josh Brewer is the founder of Habitat; the former principal designer at Twitter; cocreator of 52 Weeks of UX, FFFFallback, and the Shares app; and the former director of user experience at Socialcast. He can be found at and on Twitter at

Josh Elman

Josh Elman is a product veteran focused on disruptive products that change the way people interact and communicate. He's led product teams at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Zazzle. Currently, he's a partner at venture capital firm Greylock.

Keenan Cummings

Keenan Cummings is a product-minded design leader and strategist, writer, and occasional illustrator. He’s currently at Airbnb, where he’s a Product Growth Lead and Design Manager. He co-founded Wander, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2014. He can be found at

Pauly Ting

Pauly Ting is a product designer who’s worked with Fortune 500 clients, major retailers, and some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world to create mobile apps, ecommerce experiences, and more. He’s brought huge teams together by using prototyping as a leveler and a massive collaboration tool. He can be found at

Ruby Anaya

Ruby Anaya is an experienced product executive. She’s currently director of product management at WeWork, and previously worked at Yahoo!, Tomfoolery, and AOL. She can be found at

Sahil Lavingia

Sahil Lavingia was on the original Pinterest team, where he helped invent the famous pinboard design, as well as the Pin It button and the Pinmarklet — before even finishing college at the University of Southern California. He then left Pinterest start Gumroad. At Gumroad, as founder and CEO, he's making it easy for artists to sell any good, digital or physical, to customers around the world. He can be found at